Service Bus MQ Manager v3.00 Released

by Daniel Halan 25. March 2013 00:25

Just released v3.00 of Service Bus MQ Manager, it contains a complete source code overhaul, with a simpler Service Bus Adapter API and including following features,

  • Show Processed Messages, Load messages from the Journal queues. For use cases such as, show messages that got processed before Service Bus MQ Manager was started, or messages that where added and processed before the Service Bus monitor process discovered them.
  • Queue Colors, Set specific color per Queue, for easier overview of different categories of messages that span over queue types.
  • Resend Command, Easy access to resend a command, opens up the send command dialog so changes can be made before sent again.
  • JSON Messages, Now support for JSON serialized messages.
  • Error Stack Trace, View Stack Trace of Error messages
  • Perfomance improvments, Quicker loading times and less resource consuming when processing large amounts of messages.
  • Quick filter, Start typing and only messages with names containing the text will be shown

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