Microsoft Word Add-in for CRM Configuration Manager

by Daniel Halan 19. May 2010 05:43
Here comes a requested add-in for ouputting all your Microsoft CRM Customizations to a Word document.

This add-in can be used for various scenarios,


  • Document your work after it's finished, removing any possible mismatch from the specifications.
  • Understand the work of others when taking ownership of a CRM instance without any documentations provided (Using the filters to export only Custom Entities, Attributes and Relationships)
  • Presents all your ISV Configuration changes in one place, that usually are hard to get a good overview of.

Daily work routines

  • Development Aid, use a complete export document as a reference.
    By searching in the document for a specific entity you can quickly see available picklist values, implemented javascript, published attributes on form and attributes schema name including data type restrictions.
  • Architect Aid, Cut & Paste attribute, forms or relationships Tables to your specifications, and extend them with new values or describe changes.

The Add-in supports multi-language CRM installations, you select the prefered output language, and the base language will be used as fallback. You can also define to only export custom entities, attributes and relationsships making the document easier to read.

The document can contain following chapters,

  • Organisation Settings
    Configurations set for the selected organisation (tenant) i e Schema Name Prefix..
  • ISV Configuration
    All custom Menues, Navigation Items, Toolbar Buttons and Renamed titles
  • Workflows
  • Security Roles
  • Entities

Checkout sample document,
CCM Word Sample.docx (41,74 kb)

Only $99

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Free version upgrades

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Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or newer
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