CRM Configuration Manager v1.50

by Daniel Halan 19. May 2010 04:16

First of all, I would like to thank for all the positive response regarding CRM Configuration Manager, always a joy to hear that the product works :)

Here comes a new release of CRM Configuration Manager that contains some improvements and a new Extension Framework for creating Add-ins. The first extension interface available is for output handling. You can now implement a new document type handler for exporting. Could be used for various documentation formats, for example an Visio document handler, that would create a data model of the exported entities and their relationships.

A SDK will be released in the near future, but until then you can contact me for guidance.

Improvements and bugfixes included in version 1.50,

  • Improved 'Export only Modifications' function, now also checking modifications at Entity Forms and Relationships
  • Not all system entities was listed in the Entity view.
    Thanks to Daniel Jansen for reporting the issue.
  • Implemented Add-in framework for output document formats. 
  • Revised user interface to improve usability
  • Minor bug fixes

Complete list of features

CcmSetup1.55.exe (966,81 kb)

Also released an output Add-in for Microsoft Word document format,
read more about it here.

Happy Customization!


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