A MSMQ Viewer for NServiceBus

by Daniel Halan 5. October 2012 07:25

I've lately been working with a scalable cloud solution, and then it's good to use a Service Bus for sending commands, events and messages around the network. Now I tried few MSMQ message viewers that are available, but they all lacked the real-time feedback that would be nice when debugging or just want to know what is happening behind the scenes. So from that a new small application grew, called "ServiceBus MQ Manager". It's a small application that will monitor queues with a set interval, and present the Events, Commands and Messages that are there, but also keeping messages that has been retrieved (deleted) from the Queue.

One feature worth mentioning is that you can easily move messages that are in the Error queue to their original queue, just by selecting them and using the context menu.

Currently it has only been design and tested for NServiceBus using MSMQ, but it could easily be extended to use with any other Service Bus such as MassTransit and Azure Service Bus.

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The source code is available at GitHub



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