Service Bus MQ Manager

Service Bus MQ Manager is an application to monitor and manage queues in a Service Bus environment. currently it supports NServiceBus with MSMQ, but it is possible to build adapters for other service buses, such as Mass Transit or Azure Service Bus.

Here follows a list of all the main features,

  • Monitor Queues, Monitor queues for incoming Commands, Events and Messages envelops, also possible to monitor Error Queue
  • View Messages, View message contents formatted and colorized, supporting both XML and JSON
  • Displays Errors, Error messages of failed queue items are shown inside the content viewer including Stack Trace of the Exception.
  • Remove messages, remove messages from queues
Current version: 4.14
  • Retry failed messages, Move messages from Error queue to its original queue
  • Send Command, Build and send commands in an user friendly interface. Commands can also be sent directly from command prompt for scripting.
  • View Subscriptions, View what Events are being subscribed and who is publishing them
  • Service Bus Integration, Currently supported Service Bus Engines are
  • Message Parsing, Supports XML and JSON Formatting
  • Remote Servers, Support for accessing Remote Servers

  Download Service Bus MQ Manager v4.14 (9.50 mb) | Zip archived

Bugs and Feature Requests can be reported at GitHub Issues

The source code is available at GitHub
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