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This is an BlogEngine.NET extension that enables export of blog posts with their comments. The exported file can later be imported to an external comments engine, such as DISQUS, Facebook and Intense Debate. Currently it have only been tested with DISQUS.


  • Export of blog posts, including comments
  • Supports nested comments
  • Exports to WordPress WXR v1.0 file format
  • Map Author name/email/web to new values
  • Possible to Select what blog posts to export

Download from GitHub:
(Version: 1.0 2011-04-03)



  • Download the source code from GitHub
  • Copy the 'src' folder to your BlogEngine folder where it's being hosted
  • Login to your blog
  • Open 'Extensions' view
  • Click 'Edit' for the CommentsExport Extension



Comment Exporter has two configuration options, Author mapping and Blog post selection.

Author mapping gives you the possibility to change the name, email and website of your commenters, that is mainly useful for your own users, as you may have changed email/signature-name under the course of your blogs lifetime. This enables you to map all your previous names & emails to your new email that is associated with the new comments engine. 

The first dropdown shows all the unique username/email combinations that have an comment entry in your blog, choose one and their email & web site will be filled in in the fields bellow. You can now set a new Name, Email and web site mapping. Only Name is mandatory, if the other fields are left blank, the previous email & web site will be used.



And by pressing "Add mapping" button, the mapping is created and added to the list.


When finished, you can now select what blog post you want to export. 

And the last step is to press the Export button to retrieve the WordPress WXR File. The file also contains information about the blog posts themselves, so it would be possible to import them to other blog engines that can import the WordPress format.

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