Continuously disabling UAC (using NT Service)

by Daniel Halan 12. March 2008 23:44

As WM-data just became Logica here in Sweden we have changed our laptops and entered a new domain, with that there came new policies and rules. One of them is the enforcement of using the User Account Control (UAC) on all Vista machines, which is pumped out each time logging into the Logica domain.

This presented a problem that needed to be solved, how to be able to work inside the domain and still be effective? Solution: A NT Service that continuously turns off the UAC.

Here is an install for the small service that just checks so the UAC is not turned on when the computer is shutting down.


DisUacSetup.msi (392,00 kb)

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How to get the .NET Assembly full name

by Daniel Halan 23. March 2007 00:48

There is often that one need to get an assembly’s full name, while one can do it quite simply in C# by instancing the assembly and calling GetName(), but when setting up applications outside the development environment, You can use SN.exe to retrieve the PublicKeyToken using the -T parameter, but still it would be nice to get the whole Assembly Name, so here is a small command prompt app that does the job.

Example of an Assembly full name:
"GetAsmName, Version=, Culture=neutral,

Copy the files to Windows\System32 folder or add the path to your PATH environment variable.

GetAsmName <<path\fileName.dll|exe>>

Download the compiled application:

.NET Version 2.0 (2,83 KB)

.NET Version 4.0 (3.22 kb)


Source Code available at GitHub

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