CRM Customization Manager

by Daniel Halan 15. October 2009 23:20

During my time with Microsoft CRM 4 I’ve found some limitations of the import & export process of customizations, which led to the curiosity if one could fix those with a custom application. Thanks to the open architecture of Microsoft CRM with Web Services and Xml for customization management it was pretty easy to create a small application to improve the import and export process of customizations.

Here follows the main features of CrmCustomizeManager.

  • Console Application, Making it possible to import and export inside nant, msbuild or bat scripts, for example to export the customization each night and “check in” to a source code repository, enabling version control of the customizations. Also to import customizations directly from a MSI installation.
  • Export Only Modifications, You can export a “clean” customization xml in the beginning of a project and save it in the application folder as “CleanCustomization.xml”, the application will compare the current state and only export the entities that are modified or added.
  • Remove Deleted Attributes, This feature only applies when importing a customization. When this operation is selected one will be prompted with all attributes that has been removed in the new customization, given the possibility to remove them from the CRM instance.
  • Changes Attribute data type, When changing an attributes data type and then trying to import it to a CRM instance that still contains the old attribute would normally generate an error. This is now handled and the data inside the old attribute will be converted to the new data type (when possible and logical)
  • Publish, You can publish the customizations, can also be used at it’s own, for example assigning it to a system wide hotkey for fast access.
  • Node & Entity Selection, you can select what nodes and entities to import and export. For example only export ISV Config or the Site Map. Possible items to select,

    Entities Workflows Roles ISV Config
    Sitemap Templates Calendar Settings General Settings
    Email Settings Marketing Settings Outlook Synchronization AutoNumbering Settings
    And more…      

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Problems with referenced assemblies in Workflows

by Daniel Halan 5. October 2009 19:40

When registering plug-ins, CRM doesn't always look for referenced assemblies where you think it would. It can look for "some" dll's in CRMWeb\bin folder (but not all references for some reason) as Gustaf explained in his blog.

But there is one more deviation, and that is when registering Workflow plugins, CRM looks for referenced dlls in "x:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\Server\bin", and not the "assembly" folder where you put your Plug-in assembly. 

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Merge two XDocuments

by Daniel Halan 14. September 2009 21:43

Was looking for a standard way of merging two XML Documents using XDocument objects, but found none with duplicate checking. You can use this short snippet bellow to merge two XDocuments, but then duplicate elements will also populate the merged document, so here comes a handy little method that also checks for duplicate items.

Simple Merge (Copy all)
XDocument xdoc = XDocument.Load("a.xml");
xdoc.Root.Add( XDocument.Load("b.xml").Root.Elements() );

Merge with duplicate element check (C# Class) (0,71 KB)


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CRM Fetch XML Size Limit

by Daniel Halan 11. September 2009 23:07

Recently I was working on a dynamic Fetch XML query that was adding a lot of conditions. During a batch run the CRM Service started to crash when the xml size got around ~135kb. My first thought was that there were a size limit of the SOAP message that we'd cross, but after further testing it would become evident that fetch queries has a limit of 2097 <condition> elements. That is 2097 per <filer> element. If a query has linked entities that has 0-2097 conditions then the main entity can have a maximum of 2095 conditions.

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Implementing AJAX in your CRM 4 ISV

by Daniel Halan 23. December 2008 19:51

I've lately changed focus from MOSS 2007 to work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions, anyhow. As Microsoft doesn't use the .NET 3.5 web extensions AJAX functionalities in CRM 4, and that is something that you may like to use in your ISV solutions, you need to change the "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRMWeb\web.config" to include all the references to the .NET 3.5 libraries. As you may know changing the web.config is not a supported customization, as after an upgrade your changes won't be there. So I have a plan of writing a small consoleapp that will add the changes to the web.config but until then here is a web.config with them included.

web.config for Microsoft CRM v4.0.7333.145 with AJAX enabled
web.config (3,35 KB)

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Continuously disabling UAC (using NT Service)

by Daniel Halan 12. March 2008 23:44

As WM-data just became Logica here in Sweden we have changed our laptops and entered a new domain, with that there came new policies and rules. One of them is the enforcement of using the User Account Control (UAC) on all Vista machines, which is pumped out each time logging into the Logica domain.

This presented a problem that needed to be solved, how to be able to work inside the domain and still be effective? Solution: A NT Service that continuously turns off the UAC.

Here is an install for the small service that just checks so the UAC is not turned on when the computer is shutting down.


DisUacSetup.msi (392,00 kb)

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Tools | Vista

The High Cost of Low Quality

by Daniel Halan 8. August 2007 19:14

A very good article about the consequences of hiring inexperienced programmers for buildig new systems. Don't get me wrong, we all were inexperienced at some point. But inexperienced programmers should start of their carrier by administrating / fixing bugs on "finished" systems, where they can get experience without causing a mess.

A Guide to Hiring Programmers: The High Cost of Low Quality

Optimizing recompilation of SharePoint features, removing IE7 login session.

by Daniel Halan 6. August 2007 20:22
When developing new features for SharePoint you have to recompile and reinstall the feature a lot, one of the more time consuming moments are when you reset the IIS and try to restore the login session in an already open IE window, ie. by clicking on various links in the site.

The trick is to remove the old login session variable that is stored as a cookie. 
To remove the cookies you can add this line to your install.bat after "CALL iisreset".
"RunDll32.exe InetCpl.cpl,ClearMyTracksByProcess 2"

This works only with IE7, if anyone know how to remove cookies on other browsers please drop a line.

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