Replaying events using Event Store with RavenDB

by Daniel Halan 29. February 2012 21:44

Been working lately with Event Sourcing and the CQRS pattern. One of the great features of Event Sourcing is to be able to change the view model schemas and simply replay all the events and let the event handlers rebuild all your view models. No more deltas to think about. Been using the Jonathan Oliver EventStore library together with RavenDB

Here is an example of a generic way of replaying all events, where all View Models stored in RavenDB implements an IViewModel interface. If you would have your IViewModel implementations in a different assembly from where the interface is, you will need to change the GetAssembly()-call to the correct one.

public void ReplayAllEvents() {
    Type viewModelInterface = typeof(IViewModel);
    Assembly viewModelAsm = Assembly.GetAssembly(viewModelInterface);

    // Delete all View Models
    using( var session = _readRep.OpenSession() ) {
        MethodInfo miQ = session.GetType().GetMethods().Where( mi => mi.Name == "Query" && 
								mi.GetParameters().Length == 0 && 
								mi.GetGenericArguments().Length == 1 ).Single();
        MethodInfo miDel = session.GetType().GetMethod("Delete");

        foreach( Type type in viewModelAsm.GetTypes()
								.Where(t => viewModelInterface.IsAssignableFrom(t)) ) {

		  var typeArr = new Type[] { type };
          foreach( var m in (IQueryable)miQ.MakeGenericMethod(typeArr).Invoke(session, null) )
            miDel.MakeGenericMethod(typeArr).Invoke(session, new []{ m });


    // Make sure the read model doesn't return stale results
    _readRep.RegisterListener(new NoStaleQueriesListener());

    // Dispatch all events again
    foreach( var commit in _eventStore.Advanced.GetFrom(DateTime.MinValue) ) {



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